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We are Intercea

Intercea, a name originally derived from the words Internet and panacea, is aimed at being a solution for all things digital. We are a technical and creative services marketing agency that provide innovative and creative multimedia solutions and offer services across the full creative spectrum.  Encompassing areas such as Internet design, mobile responsive sites & apps, hosting, 3D production, search engine optimisation, audio, video and print design, our network of consultants are able to take your business to the next level in your digital campaign.

Our skills are wide-ranging and cover all digital marketing areas and design. If you need any kind of multimedia work, we are able to provide you with those services, bringing more flexibility, creativity and definitely at far lesser prices than higher profile agencies.

Working with global blue chip corporations and smaller start up businesses, our consultants provide a bespoke, tailored and dedicated solution for your business. With over 15 years experience in the field of creative new media production, our award-winning staff are on hand to discuss your requirements, so please contact us now to see how our skills can help your business.

About Us

Intercea is a technical, creative and digital marketing agency.  Our lead staff have over 15 years experience in Internet, programming combined with audio and graphic design.  The group was started in 2002 and has worked with global organisations and local companies alike.

The company is run from Winchester in the UK and services its clients both nationally and internationally from this base.  With deep knowledge of development, design, audio composition, video production and programming, we are team of artists, software consultants and designers with complementary skills that provide the full offering of Intercea.

The combination of disciplines puts us in a unique position to be able to integrate our skills across the digital and traditional design spectrum. We are both hemispheres of the brain.  We are creativity and we are logic. We are Intercea.

What we do

Our skill set lies firmly in the creative and technical realms.  From digital design, traditional art, bespoke software, ecommerce, digital and graphics for print.  We create music, videos and also have a photography section. Basically, if it falls under the categories of art or geekdom - we probably do it!

From the menu on the left, you can dig a little further into specific areas - but we couldn't possibly list everything we do. So, if you are unsure, drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Who we do it for

We have helped a vast array of wide ranging companies and we are trusted by global enterprises and local businesses alike. We have worked in a wide variety of sectors such as: charity, government, pharmaceuticals, electronics, masonry, theatre, automotive, recruitment, telecommunications, education, environment, entertainment, petroleum, FMCG, PR, furniture and also individuals.  See Our Projects page for a little more information.

Interactive & Internet

We offer our interactive production services as one of our main business focuses. We pride ourselves on the ability to utilise the latest technologies and media to suit each project, whilst never compromising usability. From product applications, motion graphics and 3D modelling and gaming to Internet sites, screensavers and presentations. We thoroughly test each piece of work we build using a combination of thorough software tools, mapping and force testing. We also have extensive experience is implementing a wide range of content management solutions and eCommerce packages such as Joomla, Magento, Drupal, BigCommerce, Shopify, XCart, Cube Cart and many more.


Graphic Design

We offer a high-end level of graphic design; from branding, technical illustration, print work and logo creation to full scale site design, application graphics and artwork. Our marketing expertise backs up the design department and we can offer a full creative agency portfolio to match and even better your current suppliers.

Our design services have been used by international corporations such as Abbott, Blue Arrow, Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline & Sony - along with a vast array of smaller businesses in the UK.

Our services in this area include logos and branding, all print design and product packaging. Whatever your needs - a few business cards to full corporate branding - just call!


Video & Audio Composition

We have a high quality audio and production studio where music, sound and video projects can be produced by our in-house composers and producers. Any audio style can be created for your individual project - be it a full scale orchestral suite, a garage break-beat or just a 2 second sound effect. We can also edit and produce professional DVDs, with full menu systems.  We have the capabilities and skill to produce all the music, sounds and visuals you could ever possibly need.

Mobile Apps

The last few years has seen a relatively unused outlet blossom into the most exciting advertising and media platform. Mobile apps have become mainstream media in a very short period of time and the outlook, thanks to the might of Apple and Google, is blooming in the future.

The easily deliverable games or applications can generate revenue streams through sales or advertising; revenue streams that have hitherto been untapped. Purchased and downloaded directly on to iPhones, iPads, and Android platforms - the route to market can't be simpler.

We are a qualified and registered developer of Apple iPhone and iPad apps, Google Android applications and also create applications for Windows Mobile devices.

Whatever your requirements are in the mobile marketing world - we are here to help get your ideas developed and distributed.

Software Services

Having a strong understanding of a clients business is of prime importance when it comes to creating bespoke applications for their business.  That is why we endeavour to understand the reasons behind any brief for the supply of an application and the intended use of the final program.  We are regularly proactive in the implementation of our software and ideas and have helped several global, national and local firms streamline their business and processes through the dedicated and bespoke sales software that we supply.

3D Design & Animation

Being a digital design agency gives us the ability to not only produce graphical elements for static websites and print, but also create 3D graphics for product demonstrations and animation. We also turn our hand to cartoon animation and multimedia interactive work, such as games for viral marketing campaigns.

Social, SMS & MMS marketing

Social, SMS and MMS marketing continues to thrive with the young and old alike. We specialise in providing shortform marketing campaigns on and offline.  Using our mobile partnerships, we are able to provide huge discounts on SMS Short Codes and two-way SMS/MMS messaging and provide you with social marketing trends and thorough campaign analytics.  With autoresponders and income generating API plans, we are able to help drive business to benefit your bottom line and get your message out there!  Contact us directly to purchase your Short Codes or to enquire about integrating social, SMS & MMS messaging into your marketing schemes.

Our Projects

Web Applications

We have recently created an interactive large-scale eLearning application for the medical publishing company Haymarket, which allows users to follow bespoke pathways around a variety of training situations. Created for resale, the system allows global pharmaceutical organisations to train their sales staff in an exciting and interactive way.

Mobile Apps

Our services have been utilised for strategy, consultancy and app development for many mobile app publishers including the likes of Monitise. Developing native, hybrid or purely online apps is an area we can help you with, including full software architecture and strategy.

Software Applications & CD ROMs

We specialise in offline and online software creation.  With over six years experience in being the lead developer with Sony for their B2B Channel Marketing CD ROMs, recently having won an international award for our brand management channel toolkit, we have an excellent pedigree in this field. We have also created high value applications for The Chartered Institute of Personnel and DevelopmentBristol-Myers SquibbCastrolMotorolaNortelToshiba & Energizer. We have also produced work for the clients of global PR & marketing agencies Ogilvy PRGyro International and Webber Shandwick.

Print Design

Along with media design, we also have a strong print design background, having recently finished a information product suite for the global health & medical care companies Abbott Labs and GlaxoSmithKline.

Audio, Video & 3D Design

Our creative team has produced audio compositions, video, editing and 3D product design, demonstration and walkthroughs for many companies including The AAVNUBTZurichHPCapitaSony & Coca Cola

Internet Sites

We run dedicated hosting as well as a full creative solution for Internet site design.  Our work is now being seen by millions of people worldwide and our clients range from global media companies to one man start-ups. Our portfolio is extensive, and a few of them can be seen on the Interactive & Internet page.

Contact Us

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